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Photo by Kathy Devanzo of Soleil Studios in Vestal NY

For Bookings or questions:

Email: djjohnnyonly@gmail.com
Cell phone: 607-427-6659

“The majority of music that I write and perform is ‘Kinesthetic Learning Oriented Music,’ (where physical motions are implied by the lyrics). This tactile experience awakens your child’s physical and psychological development. My mission is to make it more accessible to your children.” ~Johnny Only

The Short Story:

Johnny Only is a children’s musical entertainer and recording artist with a style that is similar to Ralph’s World meets Laurie Berkner at a Wiggles concert. Combining acoustic guitar charisma and kid magnet vocals with a splash of puppetry, juggling and bubble machines, Johnny Only enthusiastically delivers a high energy show that targets early elementary age and younger that is fun for the whole family.

The Long Story:

As a professional mobile DJ for fifteen years – playing other people’s recordings, I gained a reputation for filling up the dance floors by knowing exactly what to play for adults and school age children. Then one day, I was hired for my first pre-school dance. Not much happened on the dancefloor. The available children’s music did not connect with the audience when I played it as a DJ. The only thing that seemed to work was me getting out there with the kids and performing myself! So, when that pre-school hired me back, I dusted off my guitar and brought it along with me. The reception I received from both children and adults was far beyond my wildest expectations. Everybody was excited! Highland Park hired me for my weekly pre-school music program. People just kept coming back! Then they started asking for a CD, and then another and then another.

Along the way, I learned that children don’t come to dance, they come to play -and to be part of the show. Accordingly, I call my following -my playgroup and I call my shows “Play Dates.” By purchasing my CD, you are joining my playgroup. I thank you and welcome you.

We have some beliefs in our playgroup:
We believe in making music that is fun and developmentally appropriate.
We believe in songs that make it easy for parents and children to dance together.
We believe in choreography that is as good for your mind and emotions as it is for your body.
We are on a mission to help build playful family environments through uplifting lyrics and rhythms.
We are asking you to help us to spread the word by singing along with your kids.

For an even longer story that starts out with Johnny Only as a poor farm boy milking dairy cows, check here:

*A note about hiring me:

Private parties start at $270.00 for a 35 minute performance, but weekends are often reserved for large scale MC/DJ events starting at $895.00 for four hours.

****If you are a non-profit, pre-school, playgroup, mother’s group or a fundraiser, please email or call because I price all of these events on an individual basis.

*Because I make my living as a mobile DJ/MC for wedding receptions and other large scale events which, of course, only happen on the weekends, there are times during the wedding season when I cannot accept birthday parties on the weekends.

If in doubt, please E-mail me or call 607-427-6659.
Johnny Only

Contact Johnny by email: djjohnnyonly@gmail.com
Cell phone: 607-427-6659