Rock and Roll Musical Birthday Parties for Kids!

Johnny Only performs The Bubble Song at Evie's birthday party
Johnny Only performs The Bubble Song at Evie's birthday party

I have been doing birthday parties for kids for quite some time, but I have finally come to a place where they really rock! Are you ready for a live kids music rock and roll party at your child’s birthday?

I enjoy having a list of your child’s favorite Johnny Only songs. I also work to give your child the appropriate amount of birthday attention. Some children are very shy and want very little. Others love the spotlight, and I am careful to give them the amount of attention that they are comfortable with at that moment.

A typical children’s birthday party places my performance before the birthday cake. I perform for about 35 minutes. Then we do a group photo, and then you light the candle(s) on the cake and I strum along while everyone sings Happy Birthday.

The photo opportunity and birthday song are part of the package and take place after the 35 minute performance. It always takes a bit of shuffling time to do the picture and additional shuffling time to get the candles ready and guests singing Happy Birthday. I figure an additional 15 minutes to do both.

Private parties and birthdays are usually $270.00. The length of time that I am at your party may vary by a few minutes depending on how well attention spans are holding up. I am also open to customizing what I do according to your preferences.

In most cases, the timing of these parties need to be in the early to middle part of the day. This is because I often do weddings and other large events in the evenings and they require me to be free by late afternoon in order to get ready.

****If you are a non-profit, pre-school, playgroup, mother’s group or a fundraiser, please email or call because I price many of these events on an individual basis.

Please E-mail me or call 607-427-6659 with questions.