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Children’s Entertainer: Johnny Only – A Tooty Ta

posted March 22nd,2012 by Johnny Only

I finally finished a video for my playgroupies. Click on the subject heading to see it. This is my studio version of A Tooty Ta overlaid on live video from my weekly musical playdate at Highland Park in Endwell, NY.

Lyrics and movements for a Tooty Ta song

posted May 11th,2011 by Johnny Only

Lyrics and movements for the Tooty Ta Song. The CD can be purchased from Johnny Only or the single can be purchased from itunes. Video of kids dancing to the song following the lyrics and explanations: Verses start with first action and add a new action each time getting longer as the song progresses. A […]

Where can I buy The Tooty Ta song on CD? (Tootie Ta)

posted March 29th,2011 by Johnny Only

You can buy The Tooty Ta song right from Johnny Only’s website. It is the first song on his “Kids Music YOU Can Dance To” CD. You can also buy it as a single from iTunes or Amazon mp3. www.kidsmusic.djjohnnyonly.com/store

Who wrote “A Tooty Ta?” (or ‘The Tootie Ta Song’)

posted March 29th,2011 by Johnny Only

A Tooty Ta, sometimes spelled Tootie Ta, is an ancient camp song. The lyrics and motions were refined by decades of campers and counselors. No one knows where it began. The original camp version is a chant that does not require music. Since it is in the public domain category, a number of song writers […]